His writing style is one that is based in honesty, observation and raw emotion.

Ryan Karey is a Folk/Indie songwriter based in Chicago. His writing style is one that is based in honesty, observation and raw emotion. His writing is unique and introspective to compliment the raw, emotional delivery of his songs subjects ranging from life, love, death and everything in between. Ryan’s band is made up of Ed Doerge, Brian Paychek and Ryan Kocanda. Ryan’s live sound is very eclectic, heavy on rhythm and melody and complimented by the likes of 2 djembe drums and a cajon.

Ryan with SEED has just finished their second album entitled “Alamo” in addition to his first full-length solo cd entitled, “The Evolution of Man,” in which both were recorded and produced by Jimmy Johnson at Planet Ten Studios and currently for sale off his website, itunes, amazon and spotify.

In addition, Ryan is an accomplished artist. His paintings can be seen at rkareyart.com

Saturday, Feb. 15th at the Bird’s Nest!!  Opening for Market 8.  Showtime: 10:15 pm.  See you there!!


Past Shows:

Saturday, October 6th at Dillingers in Lincoln Park!!

(Josh Kotowski opening and special guest Justin Boerema on the ol’ banjo!)

Saturday, June 9th at Grace Street Tap/ 9:30 till 12:30

Friday, June 22nd at Gallery Swarm/ 6 till 9May 19th – Red Line Tap

May 11th – The Green Lady

June 21st – Underground Lounge, Chicago. 9:30

July 9th – Blue Bayou, Chicago. 9 till 1

July 14th – Phyliss’ Inn, Chicago – 9 p.m.

July 23rd – Borders in LaGrange – 7 till 9 p.m.

August 13th – The Irish Legend in Willow Springs! Showtime 9 till 1.

August 19th – Gallery Swarm (artist reception), Chicago

September 16th – Gallery Swarm (artist reception), Chicago

September 24th – Joe’s Saloon in Brookfield

October 1st – Blue Bayou

November 12th – Bird’s Nest

December 3rd – Joe’s Saloon

June 4th – Joe’s Bar in Brookfield. Showtime 9 till 1. See ya thiiiir.

April 30th – The Bird’s Nest; Josh Kotowski opening at 10:30.

March 5th – The Full Shilling (3724 North Clark Street) Jen Evans opens at 9:30


Cubby Bear – 4/17/09

Sylvies Lounge – 6/17/09

Sylvies Lounge – 8/12/09

Sylvies Lounge – 8/Underground Lounge – 8/15/10

Katie O’Conor’s in Plainfield – 9/8/10

Borders – 9/25/10

Birdsnest – 9/24/10

Birdsnest – 10/18/10